1st Tesla experience update for February 2021

This post is the first of many to come, documenting Daniel Shakhmundes’ experiences with his 2016 Tesla Model X, which he bought brand new in late 2016. Overall, Daniel’s experience owning a Tesla has been as amazing as it has been nightmarish. Here’s are the latest details, which are being published for sharing with Tesla and their representatives…

Today we’re starting with a software flaw that Daniel has been reporting to Tesla for years. Despite many updates since the initial reports, Daniel’s Tesla Model X has failed to display the charging details dialog/screen on the first try.

It’s baffling that Tesla hasn’t fixed this problem by now! Currently, Daniel can only speculate as to why Tesla has yet to fix this defect with his Tesla Model X, after years of repeatedly reporting it…

Daniel.Shakhmundes.Net is back!

After a few years of neglect, Daniel.Shakhmundes.Net is back!

Daniel was too preoccupied to fix broken WordPress plug-ins and PHP errors, which resulted from newer versions of PHP – server-side issues needed to be rectified before WordPress updates could be applied/installed – today, we finally put the necessary time into fixing this website, because we need it working to document the experiences that Daniel has had with his Tesla Model X; stay tuned!