Daniel.Shakhmundes.Net is back!

After a few years of neglect, Daniel.Shakhmundes.Net is back!

Daniel was too preoccupied to fix broken WordPress plug-ins and PHP errors, which resulted from newer versions of PHP – server-side issues needed to be rectified before WordPress updates could be applied/installed – today, we finally put the necessary time into fixing this website, because we need it working to document the experiences that Daniel has had with his Tesla Model X; stay tuned!

Looking for car tires in Toronto

Z32/300ZX suffers flat tireShak’s Z32/300ZX has been suffering a tire with a slow leak and all four tires are due for replacement anyway… ┬áThe issue is that Shak’s favourite place for such products & service is Peninsula Tire, which is in the Niagara Region, and he’s looking for a shop in Toronto to spare the trip to St. Catharines.

The following is a list of interesting places that were either referred by Shak’s contacts or looked & ranked well on Google:

  1. Automotive Import Market (AIM): http://www.tiremag.ca/
  2. Tires23: http://tires23.com/
  3. E-tires.ca

Next week we’ll see which place Shak chooses and what kind of 225/50R16┬átires he puts on his Z32 original rims!