Shak.TV Website Updates

In all the commotion, we put up a rather default WordPress website for Shak.TV, but little customization was done. Practically the only work put into this website has been content and functionality through plug-ins. It was a good demonstration of what you can get out-of-the-box with WordPress, while showcasing implementation of some key functionality that every website should have.

This year it’s time to move forward! Daniel Shakhmundes actually wants to hear from you now, and this fact is exemplified in the return of a contact page! While we’ve routinely implemented such things on clients’ websites, it’s been years since one was available here. We used the cformsII plug-in by delicious:days, which provides anti-spam verification, robust field checking, and many more features that no form (contact or otherwise) should be without.

We’ve also fixed & improved the Photos page, which bears content from Daniel Shakhmundes’ Facebook profile.  Like the web in general, the Facebook system is changing & updating periodically.  A new Fotobook plug-in for WordPress was finally released, accounting for the functional/API changes while also providing new functionality itself.

In keeping up with WordPress updates, we also upgraded to the latest stable version (2.9.1), which was a breeze as always.  It’s a great feeling to know you have the cutting-edge functionality expected in a website, while having no known security vulnerabilities, and a world-wide community keeping things that way!

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