Newsletter – August 2008 – 2nd Edition

This month, Daniel Shakhmundes would like to highlight the following services: Website Development, including the new “Live Real-Time Website Editing Service”.

Daniel Shakhmundes has been creating new websites and improving existing ones for twelve years now. In that time, he has successfully participated in all the roles entailed, from production of virtually all types of media/content to managerial responsibilities. His broad specialization and diverse business experience enables him to deliver a vast variety of website-related services, while sustainably opening new opportunities that are business-worthy.

Our website design goals:

  • Standards-compliant programming & media formatting that consistently delivers user-friendly experiences across all the most popular computer environments;
  • Efficiently-implemented and fast-loading programming and media encoding that keeps visitors’ attention;
  • Expert selection of the best 3rd party partners & software to leverage the best of what’s out there when streamlining development.

While many clients are already familiar with Daniel Shakhmundes’ dynamic methods of website development – custom-tailored to each client’s circumstances – some have also experienced and specifically requested what will now be officially dubbed “Live Real-Time Website Editing Service”. In most circumstances, we are able to carry out website edits/revisions immediately after they are requested, whether communicated in-person or over a telephone.

Please contact Daniel Shakhmundes by phone or email to request further information and/or a quote.

Phone: 1-905-321-9898


Other D.Shak News

Niagara College will have Daniel Shakhmundes as “professor” again; this time for three courses in the Information and Media Studies (IMS) division‘s New Media Web Design program.

While Daniel Shakhmundes himself is accessible every business day, he will continue to provide prompt and excellent service in leveraging the best available contractors and partnerships.

This August D.Shak had the pleasure of travelling to Quebec City and Kiev/Ukraine. Those who called or wrote know that he kept tabs on business and was in-touch as expected. Stay tuned to HTTP://Shak.WS for photos in the month to come, along with the usual blend of interesting news, experiences, and advice.

Looking Forward

In the months to come, Daniel Shakhmundes will highlight the various offered services that are most popular with his clients, all of which are maturing and evolving with the pace of technology and business:

  • Easy Off-Site Backup to preserve your business data on any computer and server;
  • Teaching, Training, Tutoring;
  • Computer, Server, and Network Management.
  • Internet-Hosting, the tried, tested, and true service, serving websites and email for over five years now;
  • and more!

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