Tweaking the Shak.WS Design

Tonight, Shak removed Akismet’s WordPress sidebar widget that displayed a count how many spam comments it has automatically filtered from this website. Unfortunately, its output was not compliant with the loosest of XHTML standards, transitional. He gave up on his search for a solution when Google’s first, most relevant, and only search result was a thread on the forums from 2006/2007 titled “Akismet widget not xhtml valid”. Even on the Plugins/Plugin Compatibility/2.6 page, Akismet is listed as a “Working plugin, no issues”, but “with XHTML validation errors”. Shak will contact Akismet and see what they have to say…

WordPress is built on a fantastic programming language named PHP. It’s free, it works on virtually all computing platforms, and it’s definitely one of the reasons WordPress rules. A small token of our appreciation is now near the bottom right corner of every page – proud to be powered by PHP!

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