Microage defauded by executive/partner

Would you spend about one month in jail for a million dollars? Well, a man named Joe Vos is doing so about thirty times over!

This news item is note-worthy for the Niagara Region, since we have a Microage office in St. Catharines that many Niagara businesses deal with. Check out a report of Joe Vos defrauding Microage [and others] on itbusiness.ca for more details. In case the original article becomes unavailable, we printed/cached this article for our own records…

Joe Vos’ incredulously lenient punishment is yet another example of why it is very important to deal with people and businesses of the highest integrity possible – despite the fact that many lives are affected by such a multi-million dollar white-collar crime, we feel that the Canadian government has treated it incredibly trivially. Daniel Shakhmundes has terminated client relationships when encountering unethical behaviour on their parts, and strives to protect his own business and the clients involved with great discipline. Current and prospective clients can rest assured that when it comes to technology and business, Daniel Shakhmundes and his associates do their best to mitigate involvement with people like Joe Vos, while still planning for the potential disasters that may occur.

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