Relaunching Shak.WS for 2008

It’s been half-a-year since D.Shak launched a new website for himself. Back then, he moved to Netenberg’s Click Be! from a design he built from scratch during his early days at Brock University.

In March 2004 Daniel Shakhmundes launched his blog Inspiration, now called Decrypting Reality, using ( now owned by Google. He’s had his hand on the pulse of blogging and content management systems for over four years now, and all the while he has been seeking an elegantly-programmed standards-compliant open-source extensible web-based software-application that could be used for himself and clients too. That’s a tall order to fulfill, but WordPress has been doing it since 2003.

After five years, the WordPress “state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability” has matured to a level of quality that is rarely matched, even by its commercial and proprietary counterparts.

That being said, welcome to Shak’s new website built on WordPress!

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