World Class Bartenders

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Showcasing the following tricks:
  • 6 Setting Throw
  • 5 Cherry Flip
  • 30Ft Braces Shaker Shot
  • 12 Lime Slices in 2 Seconds
  • 7 Flaming Sambucas in 8 Seconds

Thanks Iouri!

Did Lulzsec breach your account on Facebook, PayPal, Xbox Live, Twitter, or elsewhere?

The hacker Group Lulzsec Security hacked into 62,000 private Internet accounts including Facebook, PayPal, dating sites, Xbox Live and Twitter.

See the CBC article “Facebook, PayPal users urged to check logins after hacking“:

There is a link to a Dazzlepod page referenced in the above article, which lists email addresses of hacked accounts; check to see if your accounts are on the list!

Thanks to Jane E. for this news.